Tuesday, 09 April 2019 21:09:35

Baking artisan bread is becoming more and more popular. The trend of crafting breads the way our grand grand parents did years ago now returns.

Instagram shows the most beautiful bread loaves I have ever seen. Pinterest gives us tons of inspirations how to bake it. There are hundreds of books called “the art of making bread” that you can choose of and probably someone just realised a new one while I was writing this post. If books don’t work for you simply sign up for the bread baking classes where they teach you how to make your first loaf from the scratch. Even myself organized a free online workshop where I will be teaching you how to grow your own sourdough starter (link to this event ).


I am huge fun of this trend and of everyone who wants to bake. Though I get impression that many of you find this process difficult and yet you even haven’t tried. I put a lot of thoughts to understand why and I finally get that.


I think that watching all those perfectly shaped Instagram loaves with trendy scoring on the crunchy top can be inspiring but also very overwhelming – especially when it comes to baking your first loaf.  But let me tell you this, no matter what you see on these pictures remember that bread is a simple food prepared from flour and water and to bake a good loaf you don’t have to be a bakery chef.


If you’ve ever thought about making bread from the scratch but it seemed too complicated here is my advice – give it a try. If growing sourdough starter terrifies you, go with dry yeast. Homemade bread made with yeast can be as tasty as sourdough loaf.


Bread is one of the oldest man-made foods so it can’t be rocket science.

Ewa Adams

January 20, 2019